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A Pocket Sized Writing Program

Pursue your passion and join the PocketMFA, a 12 week creative writing workshop and mentorship program with the rigor and community of a graduate-level instruction at home and on budget.

Flexible Education

Whether you finished your graduate degree years ago, or are thinking of one for the future, the PocketMFA will give you the opportunity to embrace the community, mentorship, and education that defines a great creative writing workshop, without the disruption to your life an MFA may entail.


At 12 weeks, with every meeting and interaction either through Zoom, inside our PocketMFA Online, or over email, PocketMFA seeks to be accessible by nearly anyone while maintaining the rigor of graduate-level learning.


This $3297 program is for the working writer who wants the results of an MFA program but cannot yet find the means or the time


Every cohort is full of students who commit ten hours a week to their learning. No one can leave the PocketMFA without becoming a better, more productive writer.

Lasting Community

Designed from the ground up to build relationships between writers, our mentor-led writing groups offer space to find the literary community that you’ll carry with you into your writing career.

Acclaimed Faculty

Not just a generative program, every writer will work 1- on-1 with an instructor to follow-through with their writing and to refine and move forward their current writing project, whatever that may be.

Accessible & Affordable

The program is completely virtual, and every Zoom session is worked in consideration of each writer’s schedule. We also frequently employ payment plans with writers to make tuition more accessible.

Lasting Community

Create deep bonds with a curated cohort of your peers as you learn, write, and workshop together.

Acclaimed Faculty

Every track is led and designed by some of the very best writers and instructors working today.

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